Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday and Monday

  My sister and her husband, James, attend a Calvary Chapel here in Columbia, SC.  James is a worship leader at this church, but he wasn't leading this morning. The preacher at this church has 8 children, and 2 of them made up the worship team on this particular Sunday.  In the interest of 'Leading Worship', this is the makeup of their worship team:  Acoustic guitar/lead vocalist, bass guitar, drummer, electric guitar and a violinist.  It sounded amazing.  One voice, small band and some great Calvary Chapel songs.
  Sometimes less is better.  No extras vocals causing confusion, no extra practice time to get all the people exactly on the same words and timing.  So simple. And less distracting.  It was the kind of worship that pulls my heart right up to the throne of The King.  Learned a great new song by Charlie Hall:

  The preaching was amazing as well as the music.  The good quiet pastor spoke about how we as Christians, forget to ask for Holy Spirit to enter and lead us while we are worshiping. One of those sermons that opens your eyes and really makes you think.  One of those, 'Oh Yeah!' moments.  You know those.
  We attended at baptism by the same church that afternoon down at the Saluda River then played and splashed away the day.  So much fun.  The little kids navigated the river like pros and taught us how to get across.  My waterproof camera took shots without drowning - which we were very happy about.
Finished the day with a visit to Marble Slab (like Cold Stone - someone copied someone).  And of course, a nice warm shower....Ahhhhhhhh

  Monday, We went to the RiverBank Zoo here in Columbia, like 15 minutes up the road.  What a beautiful place.  We saw every animal there - even the elusive Lions and Howler monkeys were out.  Very cool.  Our favorite was the reptile house!  Loved all the cool snakes!  The giraffes were pretty cute too.  Scratchy little chins and long blue tongues!
  Met up at D's Wings with some church friends and dined on 40cent wings.  Yum!  There were like 15 different flavors.  Mostly hot and spicy - but me being old and broken down - had to eat some Tums before I started and I stuck with safe garlic and butter wings.  :)
  A surprise storm fell upon us like a sheet of water on the way home (I never did see any clouds..) and wowee it sure does rain hard here in the east! 
Oh what a wonderful week it has been!

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