Sunday, June 12, 2011


 Went to the town of Charleston today.  What a beautiful city.  Despite it's highrise buildings, lights, freeways and traffic, it's surrounded on all sides by God's nature.  Marshlands from the ocean seeping in, heavy tree-lines along the freeways and wide-open blue skies.  
Saw the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, as pictured above.  What a beautiful masterpiece of architecture!  Wow!   Headed down to Folly Beach to see the Atlantic Ocean (can't come all these miles without seeing it).  It was high tide, so the waves were rough, but we braved the waters anyways.  Kat lost her sunglasses and left us immediately.  The warm waves pummeled us and threatened to take more than sunglasses, so we were satisfied with experiencing the Atlantic.  Sun bathed for a few in the hot sand and got tired of the hundreds of people living the beach life very quickly.  Walked the pier and enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze before we headed home.
  Enjoyed CiCi's Pizza and Dunkin Donuts for dinner and dessert before settling in for the evening.  Kat and I couldn't sleep so we giggled over the EpicFail app for Android and YouTube videos until 4am.  Good times.  Here's one of the favorites for the night for you to enjoy for your Sunday afternoon:

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