Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lake Pirhana

  We visited Lake Monticello Reservoir here in South Carolina on Thursday.  It has a little beachy-like area where you can swim out into the lake.  There are lots of little greenish fish in the shallows in this area, known as Threadfin Shad.  My sister told me how 'cute it is that they nibble on your toes'....
  We played and swam and hung out by the roped area, generally acted like little girls fighting with each other - giggling, splashing and screaming.  Then a fish bit my back - just a 'nibble', but it wasn't CUTE.  Not in the least.  Nobody else had been bit and they recommended I just move around more.  Tried that - wriggled until I had created a whirlpool in our area - but I still got bit again.  Stupid fish.
  "I'm done," was my announcement as I swam quickly back to shore.  Stupid fish.
  Tried again later - got bit again - headed back to shore and was OFFICIALLY DONE.  But it was still nice outside the water.  Got a tan, threw rocks at each other and giggled and shouted until the other families moved on down the beach.  I love my family.
  Got to eat Chick Fil A for dinner.  I've been hearing about it since my sister moved over here to the East Coast.  They are really into chicken restaurants over here.  Well, it was yummo!
  I am enjoying my trip to the East Coast & South Carolina.  You can feel there is a lot of history just SOAKED into all the buildings and the earth around here.  So different than the West Coast.  A different feel.  I can't explain it really. 
  The weather here is hot and muggy.  Something else that can't be explained unless you've been over here.  100 degrees Fahrenheit over here is SOOOOOOO different than the same temperature on the West Coast.  So heavy.  And the 13 year Cicadas are out this year!  They are so noisy up the tall trees around the village - but I have yet to even see one.  I have seen what the locals call Palmetto Bugs.  They are large cockroaches - just different because they are here by natural occurrence and are not an infestation.  But icky just the same... pretty good size too - bleh!
  Getting eaten up by mosquitoes that I can't even see (guess I taste good), and the Pine Nuts are constantly plunking loudly on the roof of the house.  East Coast living - not for me but so interesting. And green.  And wet.  And muggy.....

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