Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Apartment Smell

“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes”

  A new chapter; Another 'First Day'.  I feel as though I've had too many in my 27 years of life.
  Maybe some would say my life has been thoroughly exciting;  others might use words like traumatizing.  I never know.  It doesn't matter though.  We move forward. 
“Forget the former things; 

do not dwell on the past.
  See, I am doing a new thing! 
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? 
I am making a way in the desert 

and streams in the wasteland."
(Isaiah 43:18-19)
  I love that verse.  It clarifies my method of dealing with the past: just forget it.  
  The human brain is amazing!  It has developed methods to help you cope with stressful, traumatic and life-changing events.  If there is threat to your psyche, certain parts of your brain will shut down so that you cannot be fully effected by horrific events.  This is one reason why women choose to have another child - even after the first one came out so painfully.  They simply don't remember how awful it really was.  This is how we can come back after a horrific event and keep going forward.  We are not physically designed to dwell on our past; nor are we supposed to- according to the bible.  My coping mechanism is on OVERDRIVE all the time!  I forget everything!  But it's ok.  I'm sure that I would be a horribly negative and angry person if I remembered certain things.
  Enough over-analyzing.  (That's what we said when we watched The Expendables this weekend.  Dozens of amazing 'rock-em, sock-em, beat-em-up' actors, loads of blood and explosions, bullets flying everywhere....but no plot.  Didn't matter.  It was cool (other than Sly's plastic face -ugh).)
  Scott and I are officially back together.  We were very unwillingly separated for almost 3 months while he worked in Monrovia and I lived with my parents.  We were waiting to see if he would be transferred soon, and if not, we needed to save money to move into a new place together.
  City living is expensive!  Well, in some ways....  Rent is so high compared to all the other places we've ever lived!  Even Las Vegas was cheaper living than this (and nicer).  But we're together again, and that's all that matters.  We live a mere 7 miles from his Service Center.  We found a nice apartment complex in Covina off of Azusa Ave.  We checked out a few others very near to this one, and they were dumps!  We paid a little more for this place but we are really liking it.  We have a nice little one-bedroom with a total of 741 sq.ft.  It's very well laid out.  
  I am so glad we downsized on all our belongings before moving from Tehachapi.  I was able to fit everything into two truckbeds and one flat-bed.  Now that we're settled in the new place, we are accumulating again.  Lol. Only out of strict necessity.  We bought our first new appliance together.  A microwave!  Got it at Big Lots on their 20% off day.  Also got a TV stand, since we had nothing.  Our TV was sitting on a large tupperware container that was protesting with the weight.  However, with every new item we buy, we envision ourselves carrying it back down the three flights of stairs that we had to carry it up...within 8 months!  So I am definitely keeping things to a minimum.  I got a dishrack to dry my dishes on, and it folds flat when not in use.  That made me happy.  I know it will be easy to pack.  :)
  Scott took a week off to recover from a cold/flu and he graciously shared it with me.  So he's back to work and I'm sick in bed now.  It's so warm outside, I want to go sit by the shimmering pool, but I don't feel like walking down the steps.  Suppose I could take the elevator....
  Not only am I sick this week, but I have other ailments to add to my 'walking disaster' list.  Apparently, I tore a tendon in my foot at some point in my life (have no idea when...), and it is over-scarring now.  It has created a painful lump right in the ball of my foot, just below the big toe.  It's getting worse and makes me walk even funnier than I did before.  I have a foot surgeon consult on Oct 24th to discuss what kind of surgery I need and how long recovery will be.  I'm dreading it.
  I have been to a physical therapist for my shoulder injury for the past 3 weeks and they think they can help.  I need to find a new one in Covina now and continue doing the stretches and exercises.
  Also due to re-visit a neurologist for migraine checkup.  (Checkup:  Yep, you still have migraines.  Nope, can't do anything for you.  Have a nice day.)
So, I'm not working -due to the imminent foot surgery, I'm impatiently waiting to feel better, and still trying to get my stuff settled into the new place.  Rough week already.
  My closing thoughts:  I am trying to re-make WHO I AM.  I am starting off small - my signature.  I am changing it from the tiny-scrolly-scribble that I created when I got my first checking account at 18 years old.  My bank wants me to fill out a new application, but that seems to be the worst of changing your signature.  (I googled it..Lol.).  My new signature was first placed on my voter registration form.  It's official.
  As for other changes to myself, I have ideas, but am hesitant to move forward.  I am a dedicated creature-of-habit.  I always eat the same thing at the restaurants, I always do the dishes in a specific order, and I can't function during the day if my morning routine got messed up even the tiniest bit.  I believe some amount of change is good, but I WILL NOT - CAN NOT jump into any of it without some very deep thought and consideration (and googling).
  My second new-change has been what I look like physically - that's not as scary as changing the insides.  I will visit a grand-opening of a beauty supply store in Kohl's this Friday - and it will be the girliest place I have ever been in my life.  They are giving away free stuff and free make-overs and I'm due to buy new makeup (first time in 4 years).  Wish me luck!  (I'm dreading having to walk by the horrid perfume section...)

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