Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Journeyman's Wife

Written by: Denise Moreno

Dinner’s been ready, it’s gotten pretty cold,
when a call she gets, not surprised of what she’s been told.
“Gotta work late again honey, I won’t be home.”
She sighs, knowing that again she’ll be alone.

The money is good, but it can’t compare,
to the love she has and she doesn’t want to share
with a company that has become his life,
the one she teases him about being his second wife.

Usually alone to events she goes, 
where everyone asks for him, hell don’t they know, 
there’s a storm tonight, he’s out in the cold, 
braving the weather, always so bold.
And no one thinks of her when they call in for service,
she knows of the dangers, bites her lip ‘cause she’s nervous. 
The weather gets worse, but he’s on his way home, 
he’ll greet his wife, she’s no longer alone.

A kiss on the lips and a really tight hug, 
it’s time for bed, she’s ready to snug. 
And with his arms around his wife, 
dreaming about the good things in life,
the telephone rings, glancing at the caller i.d., 
well what do you know, it’s the power company.

So off he goes to work on your wires 
at all times of the night and late into the hours. 
She lays in their bed and prays for his life, 
that he’ll be home soon and safe tonight. 
She tosses and turns, clicks off the light, 
God give her strength...She’s a Journeyman’s wife.

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