Thursday, October 21, 2010

The First Day of The Rest of My Life

Have you had a lot of those ^?  (First days?)
Sure does feel like it.  These kinds of moments set a course for our journey; they provide a point in time where we can take a new direction and run!
  There's other kinds of moments too though.  Those ones that sneak up on you, then they slip right by without you barely flinching and 5 years later - you have no idea how you got where you are!

  This blog WILL BE (I'm determined, can you tell?) one of these 'First days'.
I am a writer.  I love to write; I live to write.  Unfortunately, I am easily distracted and....a spastic procrastinator.(is that a word -spastic?)  I hope a blog will be easier to keep up with for now.  At any rate - it is one more distraction to keep me on my course of procrastination.

  My first 'First Day' -that I can remember.  It was monumental, earthshaking, epoch-making, profound, world-shattering, remarkable and a bunch of other long words in my thesaurus.  Here it comes - I was going to get MARRIED!!!!
  Well, that fact wasn't so monumental, because I planned to get married almost my whole life.  However - it was my plan to marry my horse.  My beloved Cisco, whom I raced in all the rodeos and playdays, was the lucky man.  So me getting married was nothing too shocking.  The shocking part was that I changed my mind and married a human instead!
  Poor Cisco - he has moved on to younger women who are obsessed with him as I used to be.  'Twas a sad day when I had to leave him - but I found out the hard way that there can be only one man in your life when you are first married!
  You see, I was wholly devoted to destroying the male race, as long as I can remember.  I beat up boys during recess, beat up boys in church - well, I just plain beat them - senselessly!  I beat them in burping, and farting, and running, and hitting.  They hadn't a chance in a million!

  So now you're asking, "What happened?  Where did She-Ra-Man-Hater go?"
  The answer is still not easy for me.  I found out that I had a heart - a 'woman's heart'.  I nearly vomited the moment I realized it.  I wrote it in my journal, only to go back the next day and black it out with a sharpie (I still have that journal).  I wrote it again a few days later, only to repeat the same blacking-out.
  *sigh* -Suddenly, two years and only 3 dates later, I was driving to Las Vegas!  (That's another long story I won't divulge in at this time)
  That was definitely a 'First Day'.  I have never been the same.  I have never regretted it either.
God has blessed me with the only man in the world who could ever put up with someone like me.  Six years later - here we are.  New 'First Days' are headed our way and we've seen a few in between.  I'll still take the same approach I did 6 years ago - venture from the paved road onto that narrow dirt trail filled with cactus and thorns and rattlesnakes - and run!

><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>  ><>

J. Cutright still beats up her husband on a daily basis (and in a controlled karate class) in the mountains of Kern County, where they live in 800sq ft with 2 dogs, 6 cats (want one?), 3 snakes, 1 dragon, 1 gecko (want him?) and a half-dozen loose crickets (another story).
"Please tell me if you like my blog!  I do!"

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