Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hope Looms..

   I’ve felt misplaced and unsettled for years now- and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint the exact event that it started.  During one of our (many) moves 5 years ago, we had a choice to make in regards to our living conditions.  One was humble, and less than ideal, yet very fair in price.  The other, being much far grander, in a nice community, was steep in price.  My pride took over in that decision and, upon my insistence, we moved where I thought I’d be happier.  Bad choice –PRIDE.
  Here we are in the future; one financial crisis after another, 6 moves, and many hard choices later.  We live in the city, in a small apartment –where the work brought us.  But hope looms on the horizon.
  We will be moving (again) in less than two months, out to the country again, out to a real home (almost of our own).  So many blessings to be had with this move:  a new baby, a place to put her, my own washer and dryer that isn’t a mile away, a garage to work in, a yard to play and plant in, a bigger kitchen where I don’t smell all the neighbor’s food, a reunion with our big dog, and 4 entire walls to claim as my own.  The best blessing of all, is that all moving costs will be paid with cold, hard cash.  No credit or loans.  Praise the Lord.
  We don’t have work in the area where we are moving, but we are hopeful in the Lord’s plan for our life – and we know HE can open doors that no man can shut.  HE is asking us to be faithful and move forward without knowing what’s ahead.  If we can prove ourselves to be strong and courageous in this endeavor (yes, this takes much courage – when everything in our sensible mind screams at us not to do this), HE will be faithful in return.  Our ‘storehouses will overflow’ with blessings – so many more than I have listed above.  Beyond what I could dream or imagine.  Because HE is always faithful.
  Another ‘First Day’ is headed my way.  A new start.  And yes, I have a list of all the things I will do for my new start.  I hope to maintain my blog with success stories of all my endeavors!  I pray that God’s grace over our lives and the evidence given would, in turn, give you hope for your future and help you to remember – our God is a God of second chances.

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