Monday, March 7, 2011

My Heart Breaking

For those who don't know, I play bass guitar for my home church here in Stallion Springs, CA.  Our worship team recently began practicing a song called 'Hosanna' - done by Hillsong United.  We were unable to play it this past Sunday as planned, though.  Mainly because we were unable to perfect it with just one night of practice - but I think it had something to do with the song itself.  The combination of the lyrics and the music make it a ground-breaking and extremely heart-wrenching song, therefore, nothing less than our best would do to present this song.
  So, we sufficed with a video version - which went over extremely well.  What an amazing song - here it is - please take a few minutes to listen to it.

  This beautiful song tells a story - an awe-inspiring story if you catch the words and ponder them.
  It first speaks of a King;  a King so mighty and powerful that the earth literally shakes when He draws near.  But we are also told that he brings love and mercy - the kind that makes people able to do nothing else but SING!  Then there is HOPE!  There is a generation of people left in this world that aren't afraid to stand for something - for the KING OF KINGS!  These devoted people are on their knees before their LORD - not in fear or trembling - but in worship and prayer!  How beautiful a picture is painted in our mind's eye!
  The last few lines of the song sing a powerful prayer:  a request for healing, a thirst for knowledge and love.  Then comes my favorite part:  "Break my heart for what breaks yours!"
  What a simple, yet profound request!  Did you ever stop and think that God's heart breaks in sorrow and yearning?

  The bible teaches us that we were created in God's image - so we can assume that He literally has the same feelings as we do.  He laughs, He sings, He ponders, He cries...His heart breaks.
  As strongly opposed as I am to revisiting past sorrows and experiences - we're going to do it.  Think of a time - when you lost someone you loved, when someone close to you walked out, when a tragedy struck your life with soul-shattering sorrow.  Can you remember how broken your heart was?  (Maybe not, as our bodies are equipped with ways to make us forget our pain and memories with time - in order to protect our sanity). Now - remembering how your heart literally ached and burned in anguish - can you imagine our Father, our God, our dearest and closest Friend - experiencing that heartache - one million times-over?
  Because He does.  His heart breaks every time we reject Him, every time we do something to hurt ourselves or others, and EVERY SINGLE TIME one of his little children wanders down the wrong path - never to return to his home.  Imagine losing your child - thousands of times every day.  Imagine watching them suffer and die.  It's hard.  It's heart-breaking.  He experiences it - literally.
  I realize I'm repeating myself, but I can't stress it enough.  If for no other reason in the world, let this be your reason to stop doing the things that break your Father's heart.  Don't you care anymore?  Don't you care that you cut him deep with sorrow?  He loves you so much that he endures it and keeps calling for you to come back and will never give up - no matter how much pain you inflict on Him.
  I had the opportunity to experience a small portion of His heart-ache one day - and let me tell you, it broke me down to my knees in sadness.  (I can't explain my personal experiences with God to you in depth, as it is something you will understand if you've had them.  Let's just say we talk....and its very deep and intimate.)  I feel I have been 'given' this burden, this gift of sorrow, in order to tell others of God's intense love and emotion that he experiences for them.  However, I am finding difficulty in conveying the passion and zeal and anguish that I feel, that He feels.
  So this song will speak for me with it's powerful story of our 'Papa-God', our Shepherd, our truest Friend, our Savior, and our Bridegroom.
  I encourage you to watch the video again - listening closely to the story and opening yourself to whatever God has to say to you.  It might change your life - it might just be another 'First Day'.
  "Break my heart for what breaks yours, Father.  Let me not forget the sorrow - so that I don't cause you more."

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