Thursday, January 20, 2011

You are precious in HIS sight… even if you aren’t in mine…

  I 'happened-across' an article this morning that pierced my heart and my thoughts with an accuracy beyond coincidence.
I escaped a crazy dream at 3am by waking to the sound of the wind howling around my small house. I tried desperately to go back to sleep, but my mind was slightly disturbed and the wind was just so loud. (God speaks in mysterious ways doesn't He?) So I lay there thinking of my next blog article and decided I would vent about 'All the stupid things that people do and why it bugs me...'. Seriously. That was my plan. I had an extensive list formed in my head before I even turned the coffee pot on.

So I sit to do my morning devotions with the Lord and almost can't wait to turn my computer on and write in my blog. Isn't that horrible that I just couldn't contain my excitement over the lashing that I was going to deal to humankind? But, God, being as wise and all-knowing (and oh-so-sneaky) as He is, made sure I re-read some literature that was handed out in my church bulletin last week. I had no reason to do it, other than I thought I would see if there might be some interesting articles in the hand-out before I tossed it.

The top of the article said THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE. I thought it would be about Pro-life campaigns (which I'm ALL-FOR, by the way). After reading and pondering upon it for a short time, I tossed the paper aside and picked up another hand-out from a previous week. Just as I began to toss it aside, as it didn't appear to interest me, those words jumped out at me again. THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE. You cannot tell me that these little things in life are just pure coincidence. (Well, I suppose you can tell me, but I'll stick my fingers in my ears and sing 'Lalalalah'…)  
So this Sunday, January 23rd, will be SOHLS. 

What is National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday?
In 1983, President Reagan issued a proclamation establishing a National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS). Since 1983, the SOHLS proclamation has also been issued by Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.
When is SOHLS?
The National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is held on the Sunday in January that falls closest to the day on which the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. 

 Take some of your busy time and see if a local church or Pregnancy Center has an event or needs help. Or just find a few minutes to get down on your knees, ask our God for a better heart towards humanity and then see what He will do.

Here is the article. Read it and see if it touches your heart and encourages you to examine your deepest feelings concerning your own kind. I know mine were not thinking along the lines of 'Sanctity'…..

"The Bible says that each of us carries the image of the Creator. We are not merely flesh and blood. Since we are image-bearers of the Living God, our lives are sacred, based on something beyond our unique characteristics and abilities. This image or likeness of God is not tangible: You can't see, touch or smell it. It's part of the mystery of life. 
Being made in the image of God provides us as humans with direction and guidance regarding how we treat one another. Men, women and children should be respected, regardless of their mental capacity, physical ability, faith (or absence of faith) or social position. These people may or may not exhibit attributes of God, but that doesn't determine their worth. Their value is established on the basis of the nature of God, who is the perfect example of dignity and holiness. 
Sadly, we often fail to comprehend the value of every human life because we cease to look at each other in awe. Our view of one another should be as breathtaking creatures,embodying a touch of the Creator himself. 
Churches must lead the way by teaching the truth about the value of life from a biblical worldview. 
You can help restore the Sanctity of Human Life ethic by incorporating it into your daily life. Routinely examine your heart for any attitude that violates the spirit of that ethic. It can take on many forms including disdain for someone we don't know based on his or her appearance, a negative comment made under our breath or impatience with a slow driver.
We need to teach the next generation a respect for all human life. Parents should teach their children through word and deed. Together we can restore the beauty and reverence our Creator intended by restoring dignity to humankind."
~Carrie Gordon Earll

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